Hygiene Access is a Public Health Issue

This year has been unprecedented and extremely challenging for us all, as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and adapt to the new norm of staying home more often, wearing masks, socially distancing and staying connected virtually with loved ones and co-workers. 

For our unhoused neighbors, many of whom already have respiratory problems and compromised immune systems, “staying at home” is impossible. Libraries, gyms and coffee shops have often been their lifelines, providing drinking water, bathrooms and showers. But now many of these places are closed indefinitely or have restricted access to their facilities. 

We’ve always known that hygiene access is a public health issue. When even one person doesn’t have access to proper hygiene, the health of the entire community is at risk. 

Since our founding in 2016, our goal has been to help provide access to those in need throughout Los Angeles County. This year, we learned how to quickly adapt to the pandemic and to scale our services in ways we hadn’t previously considered or thought possible. And we managed to do this on a shoestring budget. 

Through all the obstacles and frustrations that came with 2020 we have been happily surprised and inspired by the kindness and generosity of our community members. 

Their support allowed us to resume our Mobile Hygiene Service in June and add a Street Outreach Service for unhoused Veterans in October. Our impact has grown significantly — from serving 200 people a week to providing hygiene essentials to nearly 2,500 unhoused and low-income individuals and families a month. 

At Project Ropa, we are more motivated than ever to hit our goal of providing 2,000 unhoused people a week with vital hygiene supplies, PPE, sanitizing supplies and drinking water. But to achieve that goal, we need to raise $15,000 by the end of the year. 

Here’s how you can help: 

1.) Donate $1, $5, $25, $100 — any amount is incredibly helpful to cover the increase in our operating expenses from the pandemic. DONATE NOW

2.)  Help stock our closet by donating men’s and women’s winter clothing and toiletries. Shop our wishlist on GOODdler here or email us to schedule a donation pickup or drop off. 

3.) Share our social media posts! By doing so, you will amplify our message and let others know what we need. Here are the links to our social accounts: Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.

4.) Buy one of our limited-edition shirts from our Bonfire store here

5.) Support us on Amazon by making Project Ropa your selected charity. Every eligible purchase you make at smile.amazon.com will generate a donation for us! HERE’S HOW:

  1. Sign into smile.amazon.com on your computer or mobile browser. 
  2. On your first visit to AmazonSmile, you will be prompted to select an organization — search and select Project Ropa. http://smile.amazon.com/ch/81-4278151
  3. Bookmark smile.amazon.com so anytime you shop on Amazon you shop through AmazonSmile.
  4. Start shopping!

I’m sure that you are receiving many requests for support during this difficult time. Whether you are hearing about us for the first time or have supported us from the beginning, we hope you will see the value in our work and donate whatever you can.

Your support will help ensure that we can continue to empower lives and reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other transmittable diseases. DONATE NOW

With gratitude,

Caitlin Adler

Founder and Executive Director, Project Ropa