Mobile Clothing Closet

Project Ropa’s mobile walk-in clothing closet operates on a bi-weekly basis, carrying a full selection of clothes, shoes, accessories, and hygiene products directly to those in need. We operate alongside ancillary service providers to provide those in need with the opportunity for a complete refresh.

Our Approach:
The Power of Love

Project Ropa’s approach to serving our clients is deeply rooted in the concept of the intrinsic value and unlimited potential of their lives. Instead of seeing people as problems to be solved, Project Ropa views each individual as a person with unique aspirations and contributions. Many of the individuals served by Project Ropa are working to secure living wage employment, improve their health, and maintain stable housing. Project Ropa is there to support them at every step of their journey.

Each client is welcomed to select items from our mobile clothing closet and is offered one-to-one service. Project Ropa’s team members work diligently to help clients find clothing they’ll be proud to wear – clean, stylish, and hand-picked. This level of personalized care may require time and attention, but it is where the real impact happens. It’s care that restores hope and dignity, and the clients deeply appreciate it.

Project Ropa staff helping a client select clothing.

Upcoming Service dates

All services are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Dates and/or times may be subject to change.

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Help restore dignity, empower lives and reduce waste.