March Spotlight: Sustainable Fashion Brands We Love

If you’ve made creating a sustainable wardrobe part of your life, chances are, you’re shopping a lot less nowadays. You’ve likely culled your closet down to your favorites and staple necessities. Purchasing less clothing is always a wise and sustainable choice, but there will likely come a moment when you peer into your organized drawers and realize your all-time favorite tee is sporting a rip that goes beyond fashionable distressing.

Fret not! Shopping sparingly is still great for the planet, and with a little research, you can buy from responsible, sustainable fashion brands that care just as much about saving the environment as style.

We’ve done some of the legwork for you. Check out these three brands for a variety of environmentally friendly fashions.

Pact: Turn your back for a moment, and your kid’s already grown out of his brand new joggers. When you have children, clothing turnaround can feel never-ending and wasteful. Lessen the environmental impact of your entire family with Pact. The company, based in Boulder, Colorado, specializes in organic cotton pieces made in Fair Trade Certified factories.

Organic cotton utilizes up to 95% less water than conventional cotton during processing, so you can feel good about what you’re wearing. Bonus, it’s super soft! Turn to Pact for effortless closet must-haves for women, men, kids, and babies. They even carry organic cotton linens and towels.

Back Beat Co.: If you dig that effortlessly chic, California cool vibe, Back Beat Co. has the look you’ll love. In muted, creamy hues like persimmon and cocoa, their collection of tops, pants, jackets, dresses, and jumpsuits feels both timeless and on-trend, boho yet modern. All items are made from sustainably farmed or recycled fabrics and sewn ethically in Los Angeles or India. Some of the company’s best sellers are constructed from recycled hemp, a naturally durable fabric that can be grown organically with ease.

Follow Back Beat Co.’s social media to learn more about their in-person pop-up stores, or visit them at their brick and mortar shop in Berkley, California.

For Days: We’ve all been there. When your go-to tee gets stained, torn, or stretched, retiring and replacing it can feel like a wardrobe crisis. For Days makes the whole process seamless and environmentally conscious with a closed loop system. Visit their site to choose from a selection of men’s or women’s gear, creating a “starter kit” of classic must-haves, like crew neck tees, henleys, or sweatshirts. Wear ‘em into the ground, and then send them back for a huge discount on your next order. Your old threads will be recycled! It’s effortless sustainability at its best.

Do you have a favorite sustainable fashion brand? Give them a shout-out in the comments below.

Written by: Jan Schwaid

Photo by: For Days