Our Services

Project Ropa provides clean, stylish clothing to those in need, restoring hope and dignity. Our one-to-one services ensures that each client finds the perfect outfit to help them on their journey towards stability and success.

Mobile Clothing Closet​

Our mobile walk-in clothing closet is the only one of its kind in the Los Angeles area. We provide those in need with a curated selection of new and gently used high-quality adult size clothing, shoes and accessories, along with personal hygiene products, laundry kits and water.

We work one-on-one with each person we serve to help them feel confident by making sure they receive items that meet their individual needs and are the right fit and style.

We often operate in tandem with other services such as mobile showers,  ID replacement, hot meals, medical and dental clinics and employment and housing resources to provide our clients with the ease of accessing multiple essential services at the same time.

Community Clothing and Hygiene Bank

At the heart of Project Ropa’s initiatives is the Community Clothing and Hygiene Bank. This program partners with mutual aid groups and small non-profit organizations in the Los Angeles area that directly serve marginalized communities. Through monthly bulk supplies of clothing, shoes, and personal hygiene products, Project Ropa ensures that these essential items reach those who need them the most. By collaborating with companies, Project Ropa sources surplus, imperfect, sample and secondhand items, effectively reducing waste and promoting a circular economy.
Community partners posing near Project Ropa's van.

reducing waste

Project Ropa is more than just a mobile service that delivers hand-picked clothing, shoes and accessories to those in need. It’s a sustainable solution that keeps discarded clothes and shoes out of landfills and gives them new life. By partnering with companies and other non-profits, we are able to empower lives while also making a positive impact on the environment. Join us in transforming lives and restoring hope and dignity to those in need.