Our Impact

In the nearly five years that Project Ropa has been operating, we have provided clean clothing and hygiene kits to thousands of men, women and families who live on the streets of Los Angeles.

Our retrofitted van, functioning as a mobile walk-in closet, carries hope as well as a full selection of high-quality clothing, shoes and accessories as well as hygiene kits. We take the time to get to know the people we serve, helping each one to select from our neatly stacked racks the pants, shirts, blouses or dresses that are just the right fit and style.

For some of those we serve, we hope for many, our service inspires a renewed confidence that helps them get back on their feet.

Over the years, our program has expanded in important ways.

We have enlisted others to share in our mission by distributing surplus donations of clothing, shoes and accessories to our network of nonprofit partners who serve low-income and homeless individuals at fixed locations in the Greater Los Angeles area.

And now we are even a part of the solution, providing employment opportunities for previously incarcerated individuals and people transitioning out of homelessness.

In light of the rapidly developing Covid-19 pandemic, the need to provide clean clothes to our homeless neighbors is more vital than ever. Access to clean clothing, hygiene kits, PPE, sanitizing supplies and water can help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus and other transmittable diseases to our homeless neighbors and community.

To learn more about what makes our service different and how we have adapted to work on the front lines of the pandemic, read this article. For additional information about best practices and how to provide clean clothes in a safe, humane and dignified way please read this.

Donations big and small are greatly appreciated. Please consider supporting our nonprofit organization today by making a monetary donation.




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Stories from our unhoused neighbors

It is our privilege to help transform the way people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles look and feel and be able to share stories from our clients about how getting clean clothes from Project Ropa has made an impact in their lives.

Meet Kevin and Iman

"Kevin recently got a job and needed work clothes. It's usually hard to find the size that Kevin wants, but Project Ropa had the exact size."

Meet Pauline

"I just really have one wish. I'd like my daughter to come up to me and we can go shopping. I could pick out an outfit for her."

Meet Stephen

"My son didn't have a pair of shoes and he was able to acquire a pair from you guys. I was very happy about that."