Our New Safety Standards

When we resume our hygiene service on June 9th in Echo Park things won’t look exactly the same. All our staff will be wearing masks and gloves. Clients wouldn’t be able to enter the van and service will be provided from six feet away, but our mission remains the same.

Our New Safety Standards

To protect our clients, staff and volunteers, we are taking the following steps: 

  • All clothing, shoes and hygiene items are quarantined for seven days before being stocked for distribution in our van
  • The inside of the van is sanitized with a HEPA UV-C air sanitizer/purifier before and after each service date
  • We check the temperature of each staff member and volunteer at the beginning of every shift
  • Our staff educates clients about disease risk management, in conjunction with flyers distributed with each hygiene kit
  • No clients are allowed to enter our vehicle
  • A six-foot perimeter is created around the entrance to our van’s entrance and our service coordinators manage the flow of clients, making sure everyone remains six feet apart; our signage explains these procedures in English and Spanish
  • We perform frequent deep cleanings and sanitizing procedures using industrial-grade materials
  • All staff and volunteers wear masks and gloves at all times during service visits and in our storage facility
  • Face shields and hand sanitizer are available for staff, volunteers and clients
  • Masks and gloves are provided to all clients

Learn more about what we are doing differently here.